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{July 5, 2009}   We The People

laura says:

Lonely/ Sad? or just want a buddy to hang with or wanting to give a gift of love? There is an animal waiting for you right now. Animals love, have hope, and since they are connected to the creator, they pray to. They want a loving home with you. They want hugs and kisses, and want to give them back. There is one waiting for you that will spend the rest of their days with you doing just that, loving you. Will you make that difference in an animals life today?No Kill Shelters ( Illinois )

laura says:

We will stand together and believe that all pain, sorry, and tears, will end now. Our thoughts bring our reality. Let us change these thoughts, and start to make a difference this very moment and on. Let us this very moment believe that all creation is reconnected. Let us give what we can to bring on this change. Let us do this and all will be blessed!PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals )

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