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{December 28, 2009}   Where Are You ?
You know, I’ll tell you. I have been a lone for 13 yrs. It would be nice to find a nice man who would except me for just who I am. Be nice to find some one who does not judge me in what I own, or what kind of education I have. Would be nice to find some one who seeks ALL THE TRUTH set apart from all the lies, and will not stop til they get it, who is also romantic, and loves to help all when he can, as I do. I know about 2012, the Pineal gland, and the changing of those who are pure in heart, etc., and it would be nice to find some one of my kind. Very sad to be so alone, and not know where the others are that are like me. Very sad to come here, learn about what goes on in/on the earth, and be left a lone. Be nice to have the frequencies  ( code ) , and software to reactivate my DNA to change back.     : (     Mmmmm, I love you all, and no harm come to any being, Amein !     : (

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