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{December 28, 2009}   Where Are You ?
You know, I’ll tell you. I have been a lone for 13 yrs. It would be nice to find a nice man who would except me for just who I am. Be nice to find some one who does not judge me in what I own, or what kind of education I have. Would be nice to find some one who seeks ALL THE TRUTH set apart from all the lies, and will not stop til they get it, who is also romantic, and loves to help all when he can, as I do. I know about 2012, the Pineal gland, and the changing of those who are pure in heart, etc., and it would be nice to find some one of my kind. Very sad to be so alone, and not know where the others are that are like me. Very sad to come here, learn about what goes on in/on the earth, and be left a lone. Be nice to have the frequencies  ( code ) , and software to reactivate my DNA to change back.     : (     Mmmmm, I love you all, and no harm come to any being, Amein !     : (

charlie says:

laura, i have been alone also..i have found with men, the only ones i trust are my, they are all boys and they fill al of your requirements, they are even romantic..they sleep and cuddle with me, i wake up to kisses, they love everything i do, accept me for me, are totally pure in heart..they don\’t seek the truth, they trust that i will be truthful to them always, and they would follow me to hell, give up their lives for me..they also love to bring smiles wherever they go..if you would like, i can share them with you! and yes, i would love to have the software to turn my dna back, if i find it, i will share with to you also, you are a gentle soul! and harm no one..

laura says:

I believe that I found the way to re activate the DNA be fore the time. (which is 2012, shifting of dimensions, when those who are "PURE" in heart disappear and will go home, destruction comes after ) It is "Solar Gazing" (aka Sun Gazing ). I will post it up soon for all to see. I am doing it, and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is clearing, and I am feeling more energetic. After 9 months of gazing the DNA starts to reactivate and we be gin to receive are full potential as multi-dimensional being. This is scripture based for those you be lieve. One is "NOT" worshipping the sun, but merely looking at it. When done properly, a person will be healed of every dis ease including Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, and all others. This known by NASA, and physicists, and it is one of the secrets of the "elite. Go on "You Tube" and type in "Solar Gazing" and look for HRM. He knows what he is talking a bout and I found so much proof that this is true, and even the savior practiced this while he meditated. This is ancient, but once a gain, I must say, this is "NOT" sun wor ship. You are merely only looking at it, loving it as you love your family member, animal, and other beings. All Be blessed, and no harm come to any, and I demand this in THEWORD\’s name, Amein ! : ))

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