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YouTube – Toni Braxton – Spanisch Guitar 432hz.

~~After 1936,,,music instruments were changed from 432 Hertz to 440 Hertz to bring your body, mind, soul, heart, and all creation in to chaos. Music is to be in 432 Hertz to bring harmony to you, to the earth, to the universe and all creation,,,and is in sync with light which is 144 Hertz which is the secret to the 144,000 in Revelation in the KJV (who was a freemason). The "elite" have been playing you like this spanish guitar. Do the re search, and buy music only 432 Hertz,,or get it off the "Net".~~

i am asking for prayer !!! my roommate deceived me said he wanted to be
friends with me only and asked me to move in with him for the company in
exchange for cleaning the place for my rent. i knoe this creature 6
years.he knoes i have not been well due to pollution,etc.,, and have no
money,,,and now is throwing me and my cats out cause’ i will not sleep
with him, or marry him. i have three cats and no income. the arrangement
was i clean the place, do the laundry, dishes, etc. for rent. i want a
pure heart, and to be enlightened in which he lied and said he wanted
the same but instead is a drunk, liar, and lashes out on others to hurt
them, etc. please pray that i find a place for me and my cats. i am
looking for the same arrangement here in chicago where i can exchange
housecleaning for rent. i am more than clean,,and so are my beautiful
cats. i do not drink, do not do drugs, do not smoke cigarettes or any
thing else, and i am chemical sensitive. i have no where to go and have
no family that can help. i have to get a way from this evil person. i
am so sad and burdened with all this. : (( please call me if you knoe
any one that can help me 1 ( 630 ) 847-8849



YouTube – CSI – You are a Terrorist if you’re Concerned about Fluoride in Your Water?

I am anti on evry thing, or on any one, or any creation that is not good, pure or holy, and tell them to go back to hell whence they came from   ; ))

I am in re search for many answers. This is one I have struggled for,,,for years. There is a prophecy that was told be fore Christs’ coming,,and although there are same attributes with Christ as the others mentioned, I still need to find in history if there were prophecies told,,be fore these others came. But here is the information that I have,, and I hope that you do your re search on it : ))

PART 1 )

PART 2 )

PART 3 )

If you have information re garding "truth" of ancient knoeledge,,please do pass it to others so that others may benefit.

et cetera
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