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{June 20, 2010}   Talking about YouTube – Toni Braxton – Spanisch Guitar 432hz.



YouTube – Toni Braxton – Spanisch Guitar 432hz.

~~After 1936,,,music instruments were changed from 432 Hertz to 440 Hertz to bring your body, mind, soul, heart, and all creation in to chaos. Music is to be in 432 Hertz to bring harmony to you, to the earth, to the universe and all creation,,,and is in sync with light which is 144 Hertz which is the secret to the 144,000 in Revelation in the KJV (who was a freemason). The "elite" have been playing you like this spanish guitar. Do the re search, and buy music only 432 Hertz,,or get it off the "Net".~~

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