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{August 24, 2010}   ~~SPECIAL EVENT~~
                                                                                                    {{  SPECIAL EVENT  }}                                                                               
                                                                                  {{ AUGUST 24, 1010 = DECEMBER 11, 2012 }}


                                                                                                       A BOUT ME


                                         knoeledge and truth

over matter

                                                                                  Your( MY
) thoughts create your ( MY ) reality


SEND me a million dollars , tax free, real US CURRENCY,
unmarked, so I can buy a house for I and my eight children, a vehicle to drive
them places, another vehicle to transport people and animals in need, and
donate a lot of it to the "real" needy and poor. I am living in
"unconditional" love for all beings no matter what they look like,
who they are, where they been, or what they have done.  I had things in the past that I thought had
the meaning of love, but all this was vain and materialistic. It is not material
things, it is a bout loving all no matter who they are, where they been, or
what they have done,,in so helping all that a person can. It is about light and
"unconditional" love. I want to give back to other beings. My mom was
murdered when I was 5. I went into 2 abusive relationships to get a way from a
step mom who beat me and was beat for 16 years, divorced 2 times and can get
the papers from the Daley Center to prove it. My children have not been with me
for many years and it has been found that they struggle. They love me even I
have nothing to give but love and for this I would like a home for all of us to
be together one day.


I have pages and sites where I see others struggle and my
heart is wrenched and I cry to see children in need, animals in need of a home,
people and all having dis eases in which cost money to fix them. Unfortunately,
in this matrix, it takes money and vehicle to help drive some one here to
there, or help buy food, transport an animal, by a child some thing that is of
benefit, and the list goes on. I cry much cause I have next to nothing my 46
years of my life here,,and would really like a little some thing to help some
one else while I am still here on this earth. I want to feel that joy to have a
bundance and to give to others just to see their smile on their face.


I am Vegan. I do not drink, do not do drugs, do not smoke
any thing. I have been selling Streetwise for some thing like 14 years and have
no will to do that any more. I have a live in housekeeping job in an apartment
in which I dumpster dive for my food and other necessities. I have link card,
but that comes and goes as the state sees fit. I do not fit in any where, so I
de cided to give freely as one should in the internet. I only have "Unconditional"
love and some health stuff to offer to give to those who have an ear to listen.
I have nothing mor, but I try.  I had
three cats, and recently 2 were stolen from some mean people in Lisle,,,and now
it is just me and Klyde. I am lonely and only find my happiness in helping
others. Due to a buse on jobs,,,I will no longer work for any one. I am not
doing any get rich quick things either. If you have it in your heart to a buse
me more, leave this ad now.  I am in great
hope that some one out there will hear me, have mercy, and give me the biggest
break I could ever have in life,,,is to have a bundance and help others with
it. This is all I can tell you.


A million dollars is NOT a lot of money, but I will do my
best and use it to the best of my knoeledge in a very wise way. I am you, and
you are me. Let us help each other. Please ?

 :* (



Send to :

laura iancu

4200 N. Ashland Avenue 
# 2 D

Chicago, Illinois 


I send you good thoughts and blessings for infinite, amein
and namaste  : ))


You can find me on 5 Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Hi5,
StumbleUpon, Twitter, Tagged, Swom, MySpace, You Tube, Craicbook, Viewpoints,
Blogger, Live Spaces, all over the map, Cause ? I love you. I really love you.
I am just trying to help where ever I can, but I just do not have money yet to
make more of a good and pure impact. But, thanks to you,, one day soon in great
hopes,,,I will  : ))

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