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{August 31, 2010}   Vortex Energy / Pyramid Energy and the Earth

The beings here in and on the earth have been lied to for such a long time. The matrix that has been created has been created to enslave you as a debt slave and for control. You are not loved by the dark,,,and the darks’ agenda is to keep control of you in a matrix which re peats its self. Déjà vu is a warning mechanism telling you that you have done some thing already and need immediately to get off that path or “history will repeat its self.” Most have not, or willed not to do the re search and are in danger of what is coming in 2012,,, which is the great disappearance. Then the destruction between 2013 and 2014 to wait some time,,,and the darks’ agenda is to genetically engineer your species a gain,,,dumbing you down more,,,for more control,,,and keep doing this til they get the perfect silicon robotic being.

VORTEX Energy Part 1 Pyramid Energy and the Earth Grid (22 parts )

Vortex Energy Part 2 of 22 Vibration and the Secret of Healing

Vortex Energy Part 3 How the Human TACHION light field works 

Vortex Energy Part 4 of 22 Medicine Wheel, Ley Lines and Obelisks

Vortex Energy Part 5 of 22 – "The Star Of David" The SIX Pointed Star – Earth Grid

Vortex Energy Part 6 of 22 – Mary Hardy, Photon Belt, Earth Grid

Vortex Energy Part 7 of 22- Star Wars, Haarp, Cathars, Pope, BOL

Vortex Energy Part 8 of 22 – Tuning A Vortex and Earth Grid

Vortex Energy Part 9 of 22 – Creating The Holy Grail Vortex

Vortex Energy Part 10 of 22 – Crop Circles, Alchemy and Paris

Homeopathic Remedies THE TRUTH – Vortex Energy Part 11 of 22

Healing Machines – Vortex Energy Part 12 of 22 – Tesla, Lakhovsky, Reich, Rife and Dinshah.

Energy Medicine – Vortex Energy Part 13 of 22

Chakras – Vortex Energy Part 14 of 22

Pesticides, Polio and the Retrovirus- Vortex Energy Part 15 of 22

Chlorine, Chemicals, Lupus & Retrovirus cont… Vortex Energy Part 16 of 22

Nikola Tesla and Particle Energy – Vortex Energy Part 17 of 22

Science, Physics and Quantum Mechanics Vortex Energy Part 18 of 22

Scientific Proof that Dowsing Works – Vortex Energy Part 19 of 22

Tesla, The Great Pyramid and "Free" Energy – Vortex Energy Part 20 of 22

The Angle of Creation – Vortex Energy Part 21of 22

Walk The Labyrinth With Gridkeeper – Vortex energy Part 22 of 22

laura says:

i tried to get the URL\’s to work properly but to no avail yet. Please copy and paste the first one and when you get to You Tube just follow the sequence. I love you all, Mwaw ! i send you all good thoughts and complete healing, amein.

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