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{September 26, 2010}   Animal Rescue Site Enables Bobcat Rescue (via Big Cat Rescue)

~~ I want you to moment by moment to remember to find the child in side of you and remember all the things that you like and all that makes you happy. Keep thinking on these thoughts moment after moment, day by day,,,and take these good thoughts and put it on all beings and creation in/on the earth and be yond. You will change all back to good for infinite by doing this. But it has to start now ! ~~

~~This,,,among all beautiful Rescues are making a difference and are in great hopes that you are living in “Unconditional” love to see them, their furry friends,,,and will help them out to make those changes that are needed.~~

~~I send all beings and creations good thoughts of abundance in all things that are good, and complete healing for infinite.~~

~~ I love you all, kiss and hug all, Mwaw ! ~~ Amein and Namaste ! Your vote for Big Cat Rescue at the Animal Rescue Site helps save bobcats who have been injured so they can be rehabbed & released back to the wild.A bobcat with a broken leg nears starvation so his human neighbors called Big Cat Rescue to come to his aid.  Voting for Big Cat Rescue at the Animal Rescue Site is a great way to help rescue bobcats like this at no cost to you. … Read More

via Big Cat Rescue

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