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{December 3, 2010}   Talking about YouTube – Why People Don’t Buy Gold


inside information says that the "elite" have scheduled the economic crash for the end of january 2011. china wants the 43 trillion that this failed government borrowed and amerika can not pay. california is bankrupt in 19 biillion in the hole and southern california is now in a depression. illinois and the other states of the corporation of amerika are now "ALSO" bankrupt. BUY FOOD AND WATER NOW ! if the "elite" can pull this off this time, it will happen in 2 months. BUY FOOD, WATER, AND BUY FOR YOUR ANIMALS ! a depression CAN last one to three years. do the re search now ! and take this seriously. beings have cried wolf be fore, but it is when it is least expected,,,the "elite" will do it. GET THIS OUT TO ALL AND RE POST,,,,if you do not want to prepare,,, then your screwed. and please remember orphanages, shelters, rescues, and hep each other if the time comes. live in "Unconditional" love, and all will survive. do not panic, but work in love. LOOK UP THE ‘EXECUTIVE ORDERS’, knoe them, and expect electric, gas to be shut off, and expect no gasoline. prepare now and use your critical thinking, ; ) DO NOT GO TO ANY PLACE WHERE THEY OFFER YOU WARMTH, FOOD, SHELTER,,,,,,,,THEY ARE FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS ( there are 3,762 in amerika ) AND THIS IS WHERE ALL WILL DIE AND BE INCINERATED. do the re search and google and you tube what i say here, but most of all, copy and paste this and help all. this goes really deep, and i can not write all that i knoe, but this will help you for now. i love you, mwaw !

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