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{December 11, 2010}   China, Russia Quit Dollar

China, Russia, Quit Dollar

The China Daily;

Foreign and Military Affairs

China, Russia quit dollar

Su Qiang and Li Xiaokun (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-24 08:02

These both were posted on November 24, 2010

Very strange. You best be lieve that some one wants to help
so no one is left with out food and water. If you knoe the “elite” like I do,
they will let all have their holi-days, suck them dry, taking all their money
and then leave them to starve and freeze to death.

First, the news from the China Daily should be Main Stream
News,,,,but it was not.  This is cause’
to catch one off guard.

Second, the video is not fiction. Although a friend to the
people posted this as fiction,,it is not.

Now under stand some thing. I want you to goe on “You Tube”
and type in the search “Fema Concentration Camps”, and then I want you to type
in “Fema Concentration Camps Executive Orders”. Get a good under standing how
the “elite” want to steal and murder lives and one does with our furry friends.
“Do Not” take this with a grain of salt. I too am trying my best to help all
and figure a few things out.

J.P. Morgan said,”Millionaires don’t use Astrology,
Billionaires do”.  The elite usually wait
for Mars and Uranus to line up for a depression. It happens for 1987, and other
ones. Also they use the number eleven (11) to carry out an event or act.


I under stand from an inside source that the depression is
goeing to hit end of January. Well I be lieve it has to end up to eleven (11).

January (1+) 15, (1+5),2011 (2+0+1+1)=11…………… you see
this is a possible hit for a depression after every one has had fun.

Also a depression lasts from one (1) to three(3) years.

When there is a depression, the president signs all the “Executive
Orders” in to operation. To flush all beings out to a Fema Concentration Camp
to steal and murder ones’ life, the electric and gas will be shut off, and
there will be no gasoline. All will through black market as they do in other
countries. I knoe,,,I have been there.

Now I am trying to figure the date, but I am giving you what
is posted right here,,,and I sincerely hope that this is re posted to the max.
All “must” buy food, water, pet food, cat litter, toilet paper, womans’
necessities with not for getting any thing. When the crash hits, the markets
will be emptied with in hours. Think what is here, and think hard.

The Day the Dollar Died


The China Daily

Now seriously keep in mind and think hard. What was
published in The China Daily is main stream news and all in America should have
knoen this immediately. But you do not knoe,,,,do you ????? And how is that ???
Start thinking. All are being set up.

Here is a nother video I posted which is:

Why People Don’t Buy Gold

Your pride, or your life, period. I am telling this to all
for you to live,,,for it has always been my intent since I came here. China is
also goeing to start selling to Russia to boost their economy. Where does that
leave Amerika ??? It does not. Amerika is out and finished. China wants the 43
Trillion from Amerika that this failed government owes,,and can not pay,

Now !!!! Spiritually ??? this can be stopped. Stock up on
all things that will not freeze in your dwelling. Remember, most likely they
will shut the electric and heat off to flush all out to Fema Concentration
Camps. Think thoughts and prayers to switch the polarity a gainst them. It is
your thoughts that are creating your reality. Now you knoe their secret, you
can stop them with your thoughts. It is that easy.

Camps are not a hoax, and in fact sites say there are 800 or
over 800. Well in fact,,,,,,as of last year,,,there are 3,762. Protect all, and
do not give up.

Spiritually all can pray starting from the time you read
this to stop it. When you pray, you must be lieve,,,or it is a waste, period.
For those who meditate, I need not tell you what to do, just believe as I tell
the others. Band to gether and if there is to much negativity and it still
comes to pass, you all help each other immediately. “Unconditional” loves says
it is so. Also,,,do not forget those who are let in orphanages, shelters,
rescues, and such that are left to freeze or starve, or both. I will be one of
millions to do what I will to save every being from harm or death and no one
being or more,,,will stop me. It is my intent since I came here, and I am
protected by those that can not be seen with the 3D. if you be lieve, you
too,,,are protected.

I ask that all re post this, pass this on to others, send
good thoughts to my children, our furry friends, and all. I need you. I really
love you and I really need you.

If you fail this warning, it is on your head, for when I goe
home a gain, I will be asked,,,”What did you doe with your life ? “  and I will say,”I tried”.  : * (

Do not fail your selves, do not fail others.

Together Forever, Forever Together !!!!

Ps. Getting this out will save lives and might even stop
them for the third time. So re post ! 
Love ya !  Oh ! and whilest
looking for the date, I am trying to align it with what they align it
with,,,which is the alignment of Uranus and Mars. Just get in guard now, and do
not bloe all the money on expensive things and such. Bets to live then be
surrounded by trinkets and such.

Wood Burning stove for the apartment” You will need this
when the heat and gas is shut off. Great investment for ANYTIME !!!

Net Tag Comparison Shopping

please pray that I and my children can get one too : * (

For those who live in another country, please remember that
there are many here who live in “Unconditional” love and help each other as
much as one can. Remember that it was not the population of amerika that waged
war a gainst others. We want peace, not war : * (



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