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The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception – Dr. Stanley Monteith

Different video, but iam trying to make a point here. Stop screwing a round, stop drinking, drugs, pill popping, get your life back to gether cause the time is coming, you may not have time to do it. DO THE RE SEARCH !!! Stop using toothpaste, milk, et al.

{February 26, 2012}   Fluoride in Childrens Milk P5



Fluoride in Childrens Milk P5




Stop poisoning your self, and stop poisoning your children. Hitler said” if i have it my way, the worlds supply of water will be filled with sodium flouride”. Why do you think this scum bag said this ? Cause Flouride frys your brain and makes your bones brittle. Wake up and do the re search and stop buying products with ” FLOURIDE ” in them. I dont care if it is cheap. I want you to live and not die, so WAKE UP ! and get that  RE SEARCH ! done. I love you, now come on, move.


Stop the Execution of Saeed Malekpour, Iranian-Canadian Comp Programmer, Imminent Execution!

Please sign this petition immediately to save this mans life. He needs medical attention from the torture inflicted on him, and needs to be set free to goe home. I love you and thank you for your dear time to help in saving this mans life, mwaw !

February 14, 2012

Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home

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Calvert, AL – A dog is dying at the end of a chain in the yard of one family in Calvert. According to a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, the dog has been there for two years.

The local Fox10 News just broke this heartbreaking story to area residents. Already, the outpouring of disgust over the situation is palpable.

The neighbor told Fox10 that the dog has no water in the summertime and suffers when the weather turns cold and rainy.

By the looks of his wasted body, he suffers no matter what the weather.

For some reason, there are other dogs at the property who appear to be well-fed. Why this one dog has been left to languish at the end of the chain is a mystery.

The Mobile County Animal control is aware of the situation.

When I phoned to speak with them, I was immediately told that “if you are calling about the Calvert dog, you need to call our public affairs office”.

Rather than seizing this dog and transporting him to an emergency veterinarian, they have set up a public affairs line (which, by the way, was busy).

This dog is guant and much of his fur is missing.

He has pressure wounds and every bone on his body is painfully evident.

This dog is suffering horribly.

The condition of his body reveals that this suffering has been going on for a considerable length of time.

If this disgusts you, as it does me, please call Nancy Johnson who is heading up the public relations for this situation.

Number deleted (please see update to the story above).

What is happening to this dog is completely unacceptable. This situation should not be allowed to continue for one more day.

For that matter – not even one more hour.

The dog is clearly weak – he appears to be giving up on life..the sad reality is that he likely gave up on living, as opposed to his current state of miserable existence, quite some time ago.

Humane agencies in the area do not need to investigate such blatant cruelty – they need only to take action.

Watch the video footage here.

Continue reading on Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home – National Dogs |


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sex with animals(animals rape) including animal porn in Holland HAS TO BECOME ILLEGAL |



Why This Is Important

The Hayden Law was passed in California in 1998 and provides the nation’s most comprehensive laws to protect shelter animals. Governor Jerry Brown is considering a repeal of a number of provisions of the Hayden Law citing budget concerns. With the Hayden Law, California was at the forefront of animal shelter regulation and many states have been following that lead ever since.

Some of the provisions that are subject to repeal would mean permanently reducing the required holding period for animals to 72 hours prior to euthanasia, eliminating the requirement to provide veterinary treatment for shelter animals, and eliminating the requirement to keep records for animals impounded by shelter personnel, which would only make it more difficult to locate lost animals or those available for adoption.

The situation for shelter animals is bad enough now. Why ensure that it remains that way in the future as well? There is no justification, budgetary or otherwise, for making these changes permanent. The provisions in question have already been suspended since July 2009, and are currently not imposing additional costs on the state. California’s homeless animals deserve better. Repeal of any of the provisions of the Hayden Law would be a giant step backward for the animals of California when other states are continuing forward with animal protection laws.

Further information is available here:

The bill is already being re-written and the Hayden Law provisions in question have been revised or stricken entirely:




HSUS Gives Obama Administration a C-

The HSUS gives the Obama Administration a C- for 2011 (view report card here), the lowest grade we’ve given the Administration. Here’s why:

The Administration completed a few actions to help animals in 2011, including a ban on double decker trailers for horses transported to slaughter and a budget recommendation to increase funding for enforcement of our federal humane laws. But the Administration failed to take action on a number of critical issues, deferring final action to ban the import of nine species of large constricting snakes for the pet trade and to close a loophole that allows large-scale dog breeders to escape any oversight. Obama’s team also removed wolves from the protected list and worked to subvert California’s strong law to combat the abuse of downer cattle and pigs. Read more about these and other animal reforms that the White House has intentionally blocked or delayed on Wayne’s blog.

Please send a brief, polite message to the White House urging the administration to act quickly on much-needed animal protection policy reforms and to prioritize animal welfare policies in 2012.

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Why This Is Important


1. Stop the street animals overpopulation by national mass-sterilization program sustained from public funds.

2. Enforce shelter standards equivalent to those of most other European Union nations for both the municipal pounds and so-called “shelters” – animals hoarding!

Romania, as a EU country must enforce all City Hall /responsible to renovate the majority of municipal pounds in which dogs collected from streets are currently left starve, abused (beaten, poisoned), “disappear” = many brutally killed.

The living conditions from these pounds cannot be described in the right words: no hygiene, no veterinary support for the dogs, dogs are eating each other. There is no transparency regarding the pound management (visit hours, adoptions, volunteering), there is no financial transparency, public funds goes into a “black hole” and there is no evidence of humanely care for sheltered dogs.

There are also many individuals and “associations” – animal hoardings- which keep dogs collected from streets in unimaginable miserable conditions, respecting no hygiene and making more worse than rescue work.

These places should be closed until renovated to function according with the international laws.

{February 12, 2012}   This discovery made me sick!!!


Obama aka is “Barry Soetoro” from Kenya. He will be arrested for treason, fraud, murder, and so on, be and amein. All his accomplices will goe to jail as well.



Do the re search, cause the truth is out there. Stop letting the “elites” train your brain to be passive.



In this exclusive interview with George Kavassilas, he speaks of the BIG CHARADE that will be played upon mankind, in a close future. He talks about the importance of not being naive, and to feel into your inner self to know the truth. This is a very important message for mankind!
The rest of the interview to be published soon…

Youngstown, OH – The sinister animal abuse trend continues in Youngstown; this time, the victims are two dogs who were thrown from a bridge.

According to WFMJ News, the dogs, a Beagle mix and an Akita mix, were tossed from a bridge by two men on Monday afternoon.

Witnesses saw the men…………….



Please think good thoughts for all beings , pray for all beings, meditate for all beings, and do nothing but send “Unconditional” love out to all in all places. “Love” is a vibration being at 528 Hertz, and when all think it, they send it out, and it can be felt a round the earth and be yond. Yes ! Just 15 minutes a day of sending love at ur own time, and keeping at it, will change all back to good faster than ever be fore : )




Want your mind BLOWN? Watch this video! Illuminati going down! WHY? THIS VIDEO! – YouTube.

Want your mind BLOWN? Watch this video! Illuminati going down! WHY? THIS VIDEO! – YouTube.

{February 4, 2012}   Charge Kyle Voissem with a felony


Kyle Voissem arrested, charged with misdemeanor

Please read the original article in the Chicago Tribune (,0,2010975.story)

and the follow-up article in the Huffington Post (,

then sign the petition to send a message to the Chicago IL legal system that abuse of animals is a serious crime that should carry severe penalties, not a misdemeanor with little or no consequences. Thank you.

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