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A futile plea for a deaf Pit bull named Diesel? – National Dogs |

Garland, TX – Late this afternoon I received an email request to help save the life of a Pit bull named Diesel.

Diesel is deaf – not a reason to die.

But his owners did not want him – apparently because he is deaf. So, they dumped him at the high kill facility, a facility where 200-300 animals are coming in each week.

First to die are the Pit bulls and the Chihuahuas.

Why do I state that this request is futile? I am told that if this dog is not tagged for rescue, he will be killed before the shelter opens in the morning.

How can we help? I wish that

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Demand Changes be Made at Warrick County AC that Dumped Live Dog in Landfill

Why This Is Important

Boonville, IN: On Sept. 22, 2011, a disturbing incident happened in Warrick County, Indiana. Two people were present as Warrick County Animal Control officers dumped plastic bags at the local landfill. The people then watched in horror as one of the plastic bags started to move. A panting sound was heard coming from inside the bag.

The bag dumped at the landfill contained a dog. And it was still alive.

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Re Post !!!!!!

Joshua ( Stolen !!!!!! Please Help Me Find Him : * ( ) – Lisle – Lost And Found – (Wheaton, Naperville, Warrenville, Downers Grove.

Please help me get my furry friend ” Joshua” back home. I miss him so much, please. Iam not giving in and I will search him and find him if it take my life on this earth. “Real” love does not fail, and I won’t.

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