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This being that set our furry friend on fire and murdered him should be sentenced to life for murder. A life is a life. All are souls and our furry friends live in “Unconditional” love as companions to help us, not be tortured and murdered. Get rid of the “elites”, stop taking pills, drugs, alcohol, do re search, and take back ur lifes and live in love. : * (

This is what is said concerning their new “Concentration Camps”, ad rest assure there are 3,762 built on Amerikan soil as well >>>

“We have a commitment to start operating these closed-hospitality centers, and we will keep to that commitment. The first centre will operate before the general election in greater Athens, and it will act as a model to show Greek citizens that these facilities are safe for the public and will operate to high standards of health and hygiene,” he said.

Am I alone in detecting some singularly inappropriate language here? After all, was it not the Nazis who indulged in ‘health and hygiene’ as a constant reprise, particularly when it came to the ‘closed-hospitality’ camps established for the benefit (and ‘hygiene’) of European Jews? Can we ever forget the horrific deception of the gas chambers as fumigators?

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