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{August 14, 2012}   Mutual-insurance-Galgo greyhound-podenco


Une assurance au poil pour vos animaux de compagnie

via Mutual-insurance-Galgo greyhound-podenco.

Barbara Lefranc 8:00 am Aug 14
Thanks to your inquiries is 700 kg of dry food that will go to Spain for the Greyhounds … But it’s not over, we can do better, it is not too late! It will cost you not a dime, yet you made ​​a donation. Therefore a gift for Greyhounds! Each inquiry to Assur O’Poil – without any commitment on your part – provides 15 kg of dry food to our Greyhounds in Spain, awaiting adoption or foster care. 15kg of dry food, it’s 30 meals for a Greyhound … If you have not already done so and you want to help, trust us with a request for Information. We will forward it to ourselves O’Poil Assur. Just send us e-mail, SMS or any way you want your contact information: (Name – Name – Full Address – Your date of birth – An email address, an n phone number), and the coordinates of the animal for which you request information (dog? cat? Specify date of birth and race, if it is chipped or tattooed). IS EVERYTHING YAA DO … That’s all, but it’s much, a beautiful gesture of love from you, a noble gesture that can help save a Greyhound! So do not miss … By SMS: / By Mail: /

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