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{August 27, 2012}   Garage, Barn, Room Needed Now !


My name is laura. Iam 48+. I have 8 children in illinois and 3 grand children. I want a peace full life. Iam an advocate and I work on the internet to help others in need. I keep to my self. I am seeking a peace full place to live for me and my 5 cats. I will exchange room and board for me and my cats and use of the kitchen to cook, in exchange for cleaning , organizing, and help to maintain your place. Due t past a buse on me, I will no longer with live couples, or couples with children, sorry. In by NO MEANS, do I want a relationship with any one. No relationship. I just want to help others on the internet and have peace. I will not live with excessive drinkers, gamblers, or those who are engaged in substance a buse, or cigarettes. I am chemical sensitive and can not be a round any chemical or fragrance. I use natural substance to clean, and I do well with this. 

Iam currently with a being that I do not want to be with any more here in Deer Creek, Minnesota. This being is verbally abusive, a control freak, and of violent behavior with a record of such behavior. Had I knoen that this being was of this nature and not lied to or deceived, by him,, I would not be here. I will not live with any one that is abusive in any shape, size, or form. Iam a simple being, and just love to help others. Please keep in mind, I DO NOT want a relationship.

Please, I need your good sincere intent on this matter and your help. I need a place to live immediately. If you can help, please contact me immediately at 1 ( 630 ) 847-8849 

via Garage, Barn, Room Needed Now !.

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