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Life with Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats

A while back, Lauren asked an excellent question on the CH Cats and Kittens Facebook page. Essentially she wondered, “Does anyone know if CH cats are more prone to joint problems as they age?”

Photo courtesy anna_debenham

It’s something I’ve been wondering about on and off for a while, too, and I’m glad she really made me sit down and think about it. Like her Mimosa, my kitties aren’t exactly the most graceful and can fall pretty hard – even if, especially if, they land on all fours.

So are our CH cats more likely to get joint pain like arthritis? I decided to look into it.

First off, what are we talking about?

What exactly is arthritis /  joint pain?

Throughout life a cat’s normally smooth cartilage surfaces of the bones begin to erode. The cartilage is important because it acts as a buffer or cushion between…

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