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Senior dog who saved family from fire is badly injured and in need of help – National Dogs |


Need Help Now !

Our Best Friends: Born to Die – YouTube.

Graphic : * (

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3 days left to sign this petition. Does not matter where you live. You are voicing for the help less and those who can not speak out for them selfs. Take back your life and remember that you came from love and YOU ARE LOVE ! Live it, breathe it, and never leave it a gain !

LIVE VIDEO: World’s largest climate march | MSNBC.



Wake up and watch this !!!!! this is huge and this is great. we do this and then march for the animals and keep going, we re turn to unconditional love !!!!!! come on !!!!!!


sign petition at be loe link >>>

EPA, farmworkers need better protections now.



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{September 2, 2014}   Billionaire Needed !

Billionaire Needed !


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Billionaire Needed !.


Petition | Cat heads found dumped in bin bag on Manchester street. Demand justice! | English

Petition | Cat heads found dumped in bin bag on Manchester street. Demand justice! | English.

{April 24, 2014}   Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Patriots





Tea Party Patriots.




Sign this PETITION if you want the IRS dis mantled ( destroyed ) : D  You do not have to be a voter to sign this, be registered to any thing, or be long to any thing. Just sign it and take back your FREEDOM ! Govern ment is weak ! Now is the time to

R-E-V-O-L-T !!!!!!!




Pro-Pet, an Ohio-based pet food manufacturer, has issued a voluntary recall for a limited number of dry dog and cat foods due to possible Salmonella contamination.

via Pro-Pet Recalls Select Dry Dog and Cat Foods | petMD.

{December 23, 2013}   Need Meds For Furry Friends

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Need Meds For Furry Friends.

Please read the a bove link. To make good on this planet , is good to help each other. I knoe there be a lot of beings out there not doing good, but their karma gonna kick them in the ass so hard, they wont see it coming.

I rescued furry friends last winter. I tried to have the girls to be fixed be fore they got pregnant which I found they al ready were. Being of and in come that is common to most folks ( low in come ), the Low Income Spay/neuter program here could not take the girls and were all filled up. The girls had their kittens and they were born with the Cancer and such.

I been pushing for ward to save as many life as I can and on Satur day, my lovely Joey left us here. : * ( Iam so broken up of losing all our friends that came and left. I hardly have any words to give to you. Crying is what I do day and nite and even holding it in doesnt help, cause these tears fine their way thru.

I hope Joey, Romeo, Prince, Harry, Violet and the others will guide us to a place whence they be born a gain and we find each other and be to gether in a paradise area a agin. My love for them can not be measured. I live in “Unconditional” love and al though be it, knoeing that I see them a gain, the heart I have will not let goe : * (  If you have a friend and lost that friend ( family ) , then you knoe the grief of one who aches for their loved one.

I have some meds of different from what iam asking, but the ones Iam asking help for are the ones iam low on and need be fore I run out. Help me please. Help me make a good difference on thsi planet. Help where you can and love each other a gain. Please love each other a gain. You are made from love and do not let a negative being or negative experience steal the love that you are from you.

Read a bove and if it be that you can help, then so be it. I love you and send all a bundance in all things that are good, peace, healing and , most of all, “Unconditional” love. Hug and kiss, mwaw !

651-212-9615  ( ringer works when it wants to, leave a message and i call you back, geeze and a neighbor got me this phone new and the ringer dont work ) geeze

Blind, deaf dog in need of a friend – National Dogs |


Please re post to help others. Love each other and help each other. Do not dwell on negative things, but take that precious energy and use it to ward a nother that needs you : )) I love you and I thank you, mwaw !

{March 20, 2013}   Pet Food Stamps

Pet Food Stamps


Get this out like wildfire !!!! Get the help that you, a family member, or a neighbor needs for your animals and pets !

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Pet Food Stamps.

Need Good Home For Animal Rescue.


Need Good Home For Animal Rescue (Minnesota/North Dakota)

Need House For Retired Animal Rescue (North Dakota/Minnesota)
Iam 49 and Iam starting my life a gain and Iam starting an Animal Rescue for Retired Abused Animals and am in need of a house in good shape. If you have a house that you do not use and do not want ( plumbing, electric, roof, heat, foundation all good ), in the quiet COUNTRY ( to donate to our furry friends ), I will cherish it, and save many lifes. Iam looking for one in Minnesota or North Dakota. Iam a clean freak and highly responsible being. I have no tolerance for violence or a buse. I do not party and will not a llow it on the land. I do not smoke any thing and also will not a llow it on the land. This is my deepest passion and I need you to help me , if you can. I only need good warm place where I can care for them, give food and water to, and a lot of hugs and kisses, and live our lifes in “Unconditional” love. Hug ! Please contact or contact

View a slideshow of ‘Do you recognize this man?’ and other National Dogs pictures.

via Pictures – Do you recognize this man? – National Dogs |

This man is needed to be found and re joined with his owner who was seen crying next to his cage cause he did not have the funds to get him out. The funds have now been raised, but now the man needs to be found. Please help and Re Post to the max !

Evidence of Murder (2010 Complete Documentary) 8 hours of information in one video source Just as the degrees in Freemasonry, Mark Howitt presents a 33 part…

via Evidence of Murder (2010 Full Documentary) – YouTube.

Watch this !, Wake up !, and Pass this on ! Best to be lieve that this happens in ALL ! countries !

Below is the Evidence Facebook Does Not Want You To See.But first, we need you to Take a Stand Today. Please go to and FedEx your urgent message directly to Facebook\’s corporate offices in Menlo Park, California. We are working endlessly to reach our 100,000 \

via Facebook\’s Crime Against Children: The Evidence | Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography |


Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography

A new message from the cause

Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography

Facebook’s Crime Against Children: The Evidence

Posted by Raymond Bechard (cause leader)

Help this cause grow


Below is the Evidence Facebook Does Not Want You To See.

But first, we need you to Take a Stand Today. Please go to and FedEx your urgent message directly to Facebook’s corporate offices in Menlo Park, California. We are working endlessly to reach our 100,000 “Demand Cards” goal. Don’t wait. It’s quick, convenient and effective.

Here is the undeniable evidence of these crimes. Please Share These Important Facts With Your Entire Network of Family, Friends and Colleagues:

Get started now at

Thank you,
The Force Facebook Team

Trevor Loudon presents key findings from his extensive research — identifying President Obama\’s inner circle of friends, soclitical author and researcher

via An Urgent Message for America – YouTube.

Please watch and share and stop being a slave to these reptilian agendas. Get them OUT ! oF office and be free a gain ! R-E-V-O-L-T !!!!

Obama and Biden Indicted by Grand Jury

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via Obama and Biden Indicted by Grand Jury –


WOAH Tag Cloud: NwoSatire Illuminati NWO Alien Invasion \







WOAH Tag Cloud: NwoSatire Illuminati NWO Alien Invasion \








Gary Yourofsky\’s entire inspirational speech on animal rights and veganism held at Georgia Tech in summer of 2010. Listen to this amazing speaker who will blow away the myths, fill your mind with….



via Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky – YouTube.

{August 27, 2012}   Garage, Barn, Room Needed Now !


My name is laura. Iam 48+. I have 8 children in illinois and 3 grand children. I want a peace full life. Iam an advocate and I work on the internet to help others in need. I keep to my self. I am seeking a peace full place to live for me and my 5 cats. I will exchange room and board for me and my cats and use of the kitchen to cook, in exchange for cleaning , organizing, and help to maintain your place. Due t past a buse on me, I will no longer with live couples, or couples with children, sorry. In by NO MEANS, do I want a relationship with any one. No relationship. I just want to help others on the internet and have peace. I will not live with excessive drinkers, gamblers, or those who are engaged in substance a buse, or cigarettes. I am chemical sensitive and can not be a round any chemical or fragrance. I use natural substance to clean, and I do well with this. 

Iam currently with a being that I do not want to be with any more here in Deer Creek, Minnesota. This being is verbally abusive, a control freak, and of violent behavior with a record of such behavior. Had I knoen that this being was of this nature and not lied to or deceived, by him,, I would not be here. I will not live with any one that is abusive in any shape, size, or form. Iam a simple being, and just love to help others. Please keep in mind, I DO NOT want a relationship.

Please, I need your good sincere intent on this matter and your help. I need a place to live immediately. If you can help, please contact me immediately at 1 ( 630 ) 847-8849 

via Garage, Barn, Room Needed Now !.

This video was in april this year 2012 dont believe me go watch a sunset on the west coast today you\’ll see what im talking about god speed.

via This Is What They Are Blocking At Sun Sets Nibiru Planet X – YouTube.


The upper left corner is Nibiru/The Destroyer.  If other beings do not step in to help this planet and all the beings with flora and fauna, I need not to tell you the future….It is coming and all better wake up, and do it now, and do the re search with it. Please. In Turtle Mountains, North Dakota will be the center point,,,the point of survival.



Akita rescues are requesting Tri-City Animal Control in Fremont, CA to allow Akita experts to perform an independent temperament assessment on Junior the Akita. Junior is scheduled to be euthanized on Wednesday, August 15 due to a provoked bite incident.


Please click link be loe

Wanted 10,000 Home or less to.  ” Contract to Deed”

( North/Central Area  North Dakota )

Please, if you knoe any one in the North Dakota Area that wants to sell their property for this a mount or less with no repairs needed to some one low income with 5 cats, please tell them a bout me, and ask them to read this ? : * (

Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness.mp4 – YouTube.



Please re post. the “elites” do not want you to knoe this and much more. do the re search and wake up. i tell you “wake up ” in a loving manner. this is my intent, hug and kiss, mwaw !

Please click the Be Loe link : ))

( Desperately Needed ) RV Class C Motor Home.

Please Re post this please. I and my 5 furry friends ( and belongings ) need to be out of this place by June 30. With your help, we will not be on the streets. I love you and thank you, mwaw !

Wanted Dodge CargoVan / Caravan / or Motor Home

(Wanted) Dodge CargoVan / Caravan / or Motor Home Please help me ? ( Chicago, Illinois ) $ 800 ~ 

( Example )

Wanted Dodge CargoVan / Caravan

Please Click Be Loe Link >>>

Wanted Dodge CargoVan / Caravan.

(Wanted) Dodge CargoVan / Caravan / or Motor Home Please help me ? ( Chicago, Illinois ) $ 800

( Example )

Wanted Dodge CargoVan / Caravan

Please Re Post this so I may get the help we need ?


Need Room/Garage For Me and My 5 Furry Friends ( Turtle Mountains, North Dakota )


Please click the be loe link to help me >>>

Room/Garage For Me and My 5 Furry Friends.

Please Re Post this to your friends. I have t have a new place by June 30, and do not want to lose my dear furry friends, and be homeless. Thank you, hug and kiss, mwaw !




Rahm Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Terrorist Bus Bombings in Palestine  Veterans Today  

( Mayor, Chicago, Illinois )

not even his real name he uses in politics. this lizard is full of it. wake up fast, or remain dumbed down.” rumor” has it, that with Nato coming, the possibility of “The Sears Tower” will be blown up and they will blame it on terrorist a gain when it really will be an inside job by the “elites”, like 9-11 was. wake the hell up !!!!!

Rahms father real name is >>> Ezekiel Auerbach not Benjamin Emanual which means “Rahm Emanual is not his !! real name, but rather is real last name is ” Auerbach” which is only he is just a nother lying lizard and the sheople still have not woken up. Do the re search and wake the hell up, and stop sitting a round drinking, drugs, pills, cause you all in for a rude a wakening ( possibly your death ). You do re search on all mayors, police, andy one that claims to be any Official of any office and you be in for a big surprise. Throe all these beings out of office and take back your lifes !

Click the be loe link >>>

Rahm Emanuel’s Father Specialized in Terrorist Bus Bombings in Palestine Veterans Today.



via 10 Dog Walk in aid of Prietenii Nostri Our Friends Dog Rescue at Minnis Bay, Birchington, Kent.

Please *SHARE*SHARE*SHARE* 300+ dogs lives’ depend on it!!!!
If you are unable to join us for this walk in East Kent, how about organising a walk in your area and getting people to join you?
Wouldn’t it be great if next Sunday afternoon HUNDREDS of DOGS were walking all over the UK to support DOGS in ROMANIA

Caffeine is a Mental Illness! – Psychology by Sandy –    YouTube

Be My Friend – Caffeine is a Mental Illness Psychology by Sandy Interesting facts about caffeine, coffee, tea, soft drinks,…

via Caffeine is a Mental Illness! – Psychology by Sandy – YouTube.

Caffeine can also cause anger, violence, and anxiety that can lead to some violence. Starbucks, Donkin Donuts, and such was stated and marketed by the “elites” so the beings on this planet would be come mentally un stable and would be come attics and aggressive in turning on each other. Start doing re search and take back your lifes !!! Come on !!!! Do re search and live a more abundant, stable, and happy life. Once you get this out of your lifes a mong other things, situations be come better able to deal with. Fact !  {{  Please Re Post  }}

New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M


Click the Be loe link >>>

WesPenre.Com :: PFC Paper.

This is a hot potato! When I’m writing these words, I am still not exactly sure how to approach these related subjects. Many people have read the WingMakers Material (WMM)[1] and many have been very inspired by it. Others have come out and proclaimed that it’s all a hoax.

Here is news for everybody who reads this; it’s not a hoax.

However, it’s a pretty complicated issue, and there are a lot of organizations and agendas connected to it. So I am going to tell you the real story behind the WingMakers to the best of my ability; how it is connected to both  LPG-C (Life Physics Group in California)[2]The Labyrinth Group[3] (allegedly in California, but a reliable anonymous source is telling me U.S. East Coast), NSA (National Security Agency), ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), and S.A.A.L.M. (Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk, Pine Gap, Australia). The last three……………….

This is what is said concerning their new “Concentration Camps”, ad rest assure there are 3,762 built on Amerikan soil as well >>>

“We have a commitment to start operating these closed-hospitality centers, and we will keep to that commitment. The first centre will operate before the general election in greater Athens, and it will act as a model to show Greek citizens that these facilities are safe for the public and will operate to high standards of health and hygiene,” he said.

Am I alone in detecting some singularly inappropriate language here? After all, was it not the Nazis who indulged in ‘health and hygiene’ as a constant reprise, particularly when it came to the ‘closed-hospitality’ camps established for the benefit (and ‘hygiene’) of European Jews? Can we ever forget the horrific deception of the gas chambers as fumigators?

Facebook and Coca-Cola Advertising the RFID Microchip – YouTube.




D-O   N-O-T   T-A-K-E  T-H-E   C-H-I-P !!!  R-E  P-O-S-T  !!!



A futile plea for a deaf Pit bull named Diesel? – National Dogs |

Garland, TX – Late this afternoon I received an email request to help save the life of a Pit bull named Diesel.

Diesel is deaf – not a reason to die.

But his owners did not want him – apparently because he is deaf. So, they dumped him at the high kill facility, a facility where 200-300 animals are coming in each week.

First to die are the Pit bulls and the Chihuahuas.

Why do I state that this request is futile? I am told that if this dog is not tagged for rescue, he will be killed before the shelter opens in the morning.

How can we help? I wish that

Continue reading on A futile plea for a deaf Pit bull named Diesel? – National Dogs |

Demand Changes be Made at Warrick County AC that Dumped Live Dog in Landfill

Why This Is Important

Boonville, IN: On Sept. 22, 2011, a disturbing incident happened in Warrick County, Indiana. Two people were present as Warrick County Animal Control officers dumped plastic bags at the local landfill. The people then watched in horror as one of the plastic bags started to move. A panting sound was heard coming from inside the bag.

The bag dumped at the landfill contained a dog. And it was still alive.

URGENT BEN FULFORD MESSAGE – NWO About To Nuke The World With WW3 – YouTube.




Re Post !!!!!!

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception – Dr. Stanley Monteith

Different video, but iam trying to make a point here. Stop screwing a round, stop drinking, drugs, pill popping, get your life back to gether cause the time is coming, you may not have time to do it. DO THE RE SEARCH !!! Stop using toothpaste, milk, et al.

{February 26, 2012}   Fluoride in Childrens Milk P5



Fluoride in Childrens Milk P5




Stop poisoning your self, and stop poisoning your children. Hitler said” if i have it my way, the worlds supply of water will be filled with sodium flouride”. Why do you think this scum bag said this ? Cause Flouride frys your brain and makes your bones brittle. Wake up and do the re search and stop buying products with ” FLOURIDE ” in them. I dont care if it is cheap. I want you to live and not die, so WAKE UP ! and get that  RE SEARCH ! done. I love you, now come on, move.

February 14, 2012

Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home

Continue reading on Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home – National Dogs |

Calvert, AL – A dog is dying at the end of a chain in the yard of one family in Calvert. According to a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, the dog has been there for two years.

The local Fox10 News just broke this heartbreaking story to area residents. Already, the outpouring of disgust over the situation is palpable.

The neighbor told Fox10 that the dog has no water in the summertime and suffers when the weather turns cold and rainy.

By the looks of his wasted body, he suffers no matter what the weather.

For some reason, there are other dogs at the property who appear to be well-fed. Why this one dog has been left to languish at the end of the chain is a mystery.

The Mobile County Animal control is aware of the situation.

When I phoned to speak with them, I was immediately told that “if you are calling about the Calvert dog, you need to call our public affairs office”.

Rather than seizing this dog and transporting him to an emergency veterinarian, they have set up a public affairs line (which, by the way, was busy).

This dog is guant and much of his fur is missing.

He has pressure wounds and every bone on his body is painfully evident.

This dog is suffering horribly.

The condition of his body reveals that this suffering has been going on for a considerable length of time.

If this disgusts you, as it does me, please call Nancy Johnson who is heading up the public relations for this situation.

Number deleted (please see update to the story above).

What is happening to this dog is completely unacceptable. This situation should not be allowed to continue for one more day.

For that matter – not even one more hour.

The dog is clearly weak – he appears to be giving up on life..the sad reality is that he likely gave up on living, as opposed to his current state of miserable existence, quite some time ago.

Humane agencies in the area do not need to investigate such blatant cruelty – they need only to take action.

Watch the video footage here.

Continue reading on Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home – National Dogs |




YouTube – Solar Gazing with HRM; Part1

Solar Gazing with HRM; Part-2


{November 18, 2009}   Coast to Coast

et cetera
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