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February 14, 2012

Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home

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Calvert, AL – A dog is dying at the end of a chain in the yard of one family in Calvert. According to a neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous, the dog has been there for two years.

The local Fox10 News just broke this heartbreaking story to area residents. Already, the outpouring of disgust over the situation is palpable.

The neighbor told Fox10 that the dog has no water in the summertime and suffers when the weather turns cold and rainy.

By the looks of his wasted body, he suffers no matter what the weather.

For some reason, there are other dogs at the property who appear to be well-fed. Why this one dog has been left to languish at the end of the chain is a mystery.

The Mobile County Animal control is aware of the situation.

When I phoned to speak with them, I was immediately told that “if you are calling about the Calvert dog, you need to call our public affairs office”.

Rather than seizing this dog and transporting him to an emergency veterinarian, they have set up a public affairs line (which, by the way, was busy).

This dog is guant and much of his fur is missing.

He has pressure wounds and every bone on his body is painfully evident.

This dog is suffering horribly.

The condition of his body reveals that this suffering has been going on for a considerable length of time.

If this disgusts you, as it does me, please call Nancy Johnson who is heading up the public relations for this situation.

Number deleted (please see update to the story above).

What is happening to this dog is completely unacceptable. This situation should not be allowed to continue for one more day.

For that matter – not even one more hour.

The dog is clearly weak – he appears to be giving up on life..the sad reality is that he likely gave up on living, as opposed to his current state of miserable existence, quite some time ago.

Humane agencies in the area do not need to investigate such blatant cruelty – they need only to take action.

Watch the video footage here.

Continue reading on Dog dying in the yard of one Alabama home – National Dogs |

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