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EPA, farmworkers need better protections now.

{December 23, 2013}   Need Meds For Furry Friends

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Need Meds For Furry Friends.

Please read the a bove link. To make good on this planet , is good to help each other. I knoe there be a lot of beings out there not doing good, but their karma gonna kick them in the ass so hard, they wont see it coming.

I rescued furry friends last winter. I tried to have the girls to be fixed be fore they got pregnant which I found they al ready were. Being of and in come that is common to most folks ( low in come ), the Low Income Spay/neuter program here could not take the girls and were all filled up. The girls had their kittens and they were born with the Cancer and such.

I been pushing for ward to save as many life as I can and on Satur day, my lovely Joey left us here. : * ( Iam so broken up of losing all our friends that came and left. I hardly have any words to give to you. Crying is what I do day and nite and even holding it in doesnt help, cause these tears fine their way thru.

I hope Joey, Romeo, Prince, Harry, Violet and the others will guide us to a place whence they be born a gain and we find each other and be to gether in a paradise area a agin. My love for them can not be measured. I live in “Unconditional” love and al though be it, knoeing that I see them a gain, the heart I have will not let goe : * (  If you have a friend and lost that friend ( family ) , then you knoe the grief of one who aches for their loved one.

I have some meds of different from what iam asking, but the ones Iam asking help for are the ones iam low on and need be fore I run out. Help me please. Help me make a good difference on thsi planet. Help where you can and love each other a gain. Please love each other a gain. You are made from love and do not let a negative being or negative experience steal the love that you are from you.

Read a bove and if it be that you can help, then so be it. I love you and send all a bundance in all things that are good, peace, healing and , most of all, “Unconditional” love. Hug and kiss, mwaw !

651-212-9615  ( ringer works when it wants to, leave a message and i call you back, geeze and a neighbor got me this phone new and the ringer dont work ) geeze

Please click the Be Loe link : ))

( Desperately Needed ) RV Class C Motor Home.

Please Re post this please. I and my 5 furry friends ( and belongings ) need to be out of this place by June 30. With your help, we will not be on the streets. I love you and thank you, mwaw !




HSUS Gives Obama Administration a C-

The HSUS gives the Obama Administration a C- for 2011 (view report card here), the lowest grade we’ve given the Administration. Here’s why:

The Administration completed a few actions to help animals in 2011, including a ban on double decker trailers for horses transported to slaughter and a budget recommendation to increase funding for enforcement of our federal humane laws. But the Administration failed to take action on a number of critical issues, deferring final action to ban the import of nine species of large constricting snakes for the pet trade and to close a loophole that allows large-scale dog breeders to escape any oversight. Obama’s team also removed wolves from the protected list and worked to subvert California’s strong law to combat the abuse of downer cattle and pigs. Read more about these and other animal reforms that the White House has intentionally blocked or delayed on Wayne’s blog.

Please send a brief, polite message to the White House urging the administration to act quickly on much-needed animal protection policy reforms and to prioritize animal welfare policies in 2012.

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{February 4, 2012}   Charge Kyle Voissem with a felony


Kyle Voissem arrested, charged with misdemeanor

Please read the original article in the Chicago Tribune (,0,2010975.story)

and the follow-up article in the Huffington Post (,

then sign the petition to send a message to the Chicago IL legal system that abuse of animals is a serious crime that should carry severe penalties, not a misdemeanor with little or no consequences. Thank you.

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