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Caffeine is a Mental Illness! – Psychology by Sandy –    YouTube

Be My Friend – Caffeine is a Mental Illness Psychology by Sandy Interesting facts about caffeine, coffee, tea, soft drinks,…

via Caffeine is a Mental Illness! – Psychology by Sandy – YouTube.

Caffeine can also cause anger, violence, and anxiety that can lead to some violence. Starbucks, Donkin Donuts, and such was stated and marketed by the “elites” so the beings on this planet would be come mentally un stable and would be come attics and aggressive in turning on each other. Start doing re search and take back your lifes !!! Come on !!!! Do re search and live a more abundant, stable, and happy life. Once you get this out of your lifes a mong other things, situations be come better able to deal with. Fact !  {{  Please Re Post  }}

New Revelations on the Story About the Wingmakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M


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WesPenre.Com :: PFC Paper.

This is a hot potato! When I’m writing these words, I am still not exactly sure how to approach these related subjects. Many people have read the WingMakers Material (WMM)[1] and many have been very inspired by it. Others have come out and proclaimed that it’s all a hoax.

Here is news for everybody who reads this; it’s not a hoax.

However, it’s a pretty complicated issue, and there are a lot of organizations and agendas connected to it. So I am going to tell you the real story behind the WingMakers to the best of my ability; how it is connected to both  LPG-C (Life Physics Group in California)[2]The Labyrinth Group[3] (allegedly in California, but a reliable anonymous source is telling me U.S. East Coast), NSA (National Security Agency), ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization), and S.A.A.L.M. (Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk, Pine Gap, Australia). The last three……………….

This is what is said concerning their new “Concentration Camps”, ad rest assure there are 3,762 built on Amerikan soil as well >>>

“We have a commitment to start operating these closed-hospitality centers, and we will keep to that commitment. The first centre will operate before the general election in greater Athens, and it will act as a model to show Greek citizens that these facilities are safe for the public and will operate to high standards of health and hygiene,” he said.

Am I alone in detecting some singularly inappropriate language here? After all, was it not the Nazis who indulged in ‘health and hygiene’ as a constant reprise, particularly when it came to the ‘closed-hospitality’ camps established for the benefit (and ‘hygiene’) of European Jews? Can we ever forget the horrific deception of the gas chambers as fumigators?

Facebook and Coca-Cola Advertising the RFID Microchip – YouTube.




D-O   N-O-T   T-A-K-E  T-H-E   C-H-I-P !!!  R-E  P-O-S-T  !!!






it is true that we are moving up to the 5th dimension. there was a song by “5th dimension” called “Aquarius”. The elites lies a bout ALL ! things. They lied a bout religions, music, foods, and so on. Do the re search. If one re fuses to be lieve, they will be what the scientist say”left behind” which has nothing to do with that phony show. All chakras in all beings and creations are opening and the great event will soon take place. Re fuse to do re search, well…. Do not knoe where to start ? search inside ur self.Hard to be live ?? Demand the truth from higher beings, for it is written, “seek an ye shall find”, ” my people were destroyed for lack of knoeledge”, and knock and the door shall be opened “.




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