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This being that set our furry friend on fire and murdered him should be sentenced to life for murder. A life is a life. All are souls and our furry friends live in “Unconditional” love as companions to help us, not be tortured and murdered. Get rid of the “elites”, stop taking pills, drugs, alcohol, do re search, and take back ur lifes and live in love. : * (

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{February 4, 2012}   Charge Kyle Voissem with a felony


Kyle Voissem arrested, charged with misdemeanor

Please read the original article in the Chicago Tribune (,0,2010975.story)

and the follow-up article in the Huffington Post (,

then sign the petition to send a message to the Chicago IL legal system that abuse of animals is a serious crime that should carry severe penalties, not a misdemeanor with little or no consequences. Thank you.

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