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HSUS Gives Obama Administration a C-

The HSUS gives the Obama Administration a C- for 2011 (view report card here), the lowest grade we’ve given the Administration. Here’s why:

The Administration completed a few actions to help animals in 2011, including a ban on double decker trailers for horses transported to slaughter and a budget recommendation to increase funding for enforcement of our federal humane laws. But the Administration failed to take action on a number of critical issues, deferring final action to ban the import of nine species of large constricting snakes for the pet trade and to close a loophole that allows large-scale dog breeders to escape any oversight. Obama’s team also removed wolves from the protected list and worked to subvert California’s strong law to combat the abuse of downer cattle and pigs. Read more about these and other animal reforms that the White House has intentionally blocked or delayed on Wayne’s blog.

Please send a brief, polite message to the White House urging the administration to act quickly on much-needed animal protection policy reforms and to prioritize animal welfare policies in 2012.

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