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it is true that we are moving up to the 5th dimension. there was a song by “5th dimension” called “Aquarius”. The elites lies a bout ALL ! things. They lied a bout religions, music, foods, and so on. Do the re search. If one re fuses to be lieve, they will be what the scientist say”left behind” which has nothing to do with that phony show. All chakras in all beings and creations are opening and the great event will soon take place. Re fuse to do re search, well…. Do not knoe where to start ? search inside ur self.Hard to be live ?? Demand the truth from higher beings, for it is written, “seek an ye shall find”, ” my people were destroyed for lack of knoeledge”, and knock and the door shall be opened “.




DAY turns into NIGHT! Out of nowhere! – YouTube.


if u read scripture, it talks a bout the earth having one END to the other END. it also says that the earth is held up by PILLARS. no comment please, but may be what scientists are saying is that the old earth was al ready destroyed and this is a ship all are born on. it is said the reason the sky is messing up cause the ship is breaking down. also strange loud noises heard all over the planet. do the re search. a square ship was seen be hind the sun and fits 1400 cubit and on in revelation, mmmmmm




Laura Iancu

This was on the news. Do re search and clear ur mind and body and make it thru the transition. There is a 3rd constellation that the elites did not tell u a bout. In fact , they do not even put it in books. They want to keep u dumbed down, and not move up to the NEW earth. hey want to control u and keep u in bondage, but they no longer can’t cuz the truth is coming out. That constellation is Ophiuchus. This os the gateway/stargate to leave here.

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