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{February 13, 2012}   Close down dogs deathcamps of Romania!

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Why This Is Important


1. Stop the street animals overpopulation by national mass-sterilization program sustained from public funds.

2. Enforce shelter standards equivalent to those of most other European Union nations for both the municipal pounds and so-called “shelters” – animals hoarding!

Romania, as a EU country must enforce all City Hall /responsible to renovate the majority of municipal pounds in which dogs collected from streets are currently left starve, abused (beaten, poisoned), “disappear” = many brutally killed.

The living conditions from these pounds cannot be described in the right words: no hygiene, no veterinary support for the dogs, dogs are eating each other. There is no transparency regarding the pound management (visit hours, adoptions, volunteering), there is no financial transparency, public funds goes into a “black hole” and there is no evidence of humanely care for sheltered dogs.

There are also many individuals and “associations” – animal hoardings- which keep dogs collected from streets in unimaginable miserable conditions, respecting no hygiene and making more worse than rescue work.

These places should be closed until renovated to function according with the international laws.

clau2002 says:

Laura:In order to set an example to other Romanians,how about you and your fellow dog lovers start organize and go out in the streets and especially in the parks and play grounds for children and colect all the shit left behind by your beloved dogs?HOW ABOUT THAT?….Too dirty?

@clau2002, your mentally ill. This post has nothing to do with dog shit. In fact negative individuals like you are big problem on this planet. You want to point at others for this or that, but do not want to help our furry friends or others I have 5 cats and pick up shit all the time. I clean up puke too and doesn’t bother me a bit. The life of an animal is far precious than a park or a play ground. All life is more precious than that, so shut up.

clau2002 says:

So by your logic,the life and the health of my children playing in the parks and playgrounds is less precious than that of stray dogs???…Maybe if you would care more about children you would not need five cats in your house.That is sick….not one not two,but…five!!!!…Are you a mother?…I don”t think so!

yah, i have eight children and 3 grand children ,,and u are nothing more than a self ish pig caring only for stupid parks , and not the lifes of others. Goe back to hell whence you came from, and keep your shut mouth and learn how to live in “Unconditional” love.

and its none of your business how many children i have ot how many animals i have. You dont have nothing nice to say and worry bout stupid parks, seriously, get the hell off the planet, or crawl in a hole, cause this planet needs beings on it that lives in “Unconditional” love, not some mouthy negative beings strutting its stuff thinking its better than all life , over some park. your sick !!!!! go see a shrink baby !

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